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Psalms Study Guide Book 5 Part 2 (Ps. 120-150)

The Heart of the Word

By Kevin Swanson

Spiral-Bound. 208 Pages. 

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What does our relationship with God look like? How do we communicate with God? How do we walk with Him? The Book of Psalms presents the Christian life in vivid color. It teaches the language of worship. It leads us through the emotional jungle of life. It equips us for battle. The believer may not read Leviticus every day, but he must know that the Psalms are for every day. Jesus Christ had the words of the Psalms on His lips as He hung on the cross, and His followers will live and die with the Psalms. This is why we must teach our children the Psalms! If these precious ones will walk with God, engage the battle, and worship, then they certainly must know the Psalms - every one of them. This book continues a series of lessons that Kevin Swanson is writing for his own five children as he disciples them on the eastern plains of Colorado.

This study guide covers Psalms 120-150.