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Created for Work

Practical Insights for Young Men

By Bob Schultz

181 Pages
7-9 Grade
1/2 Credit

Every boy dreams of what he will be when he grows up. However, without a healty, Biblical attitude toward work, young men may continue to just dream but never attain God's best for them. Created For Work will equip young men to develop excellence in their work habits, which will benefit them, their families, and their employers. This is a one-of-a-kind resource for boys ages 12 and up.

I read this book with my two boys (13 & 11) as a tool to help equip them with wisdom and in the hopes of further improving their character, work ethic, and trust in the Lord. While a fairly simple book with short and simple chapters, Schultz's stories and personal experiences are wonderful examples for anyone to read, reflect on, and consider pursuing similar virtues and experiences with God in their own lives.
- Jeremy Z.

Created for Work offers devotional readings from the work experiences of a finishing carpenter. He recounts stories from his career that illustrate the points he makes, all of which are based in sound Biblical teachings. While I had selected the book with my boys in mind, I found myself encouraged and my attitude challenged in many of the readings.
- Iris