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History of the World Set

By Kevin Swanson

2-Volume Set with Workbook
High School
1 Credit

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This unique world history course is for the Christian student and the Christian family. If Jesus Christ is Lord of all and must be preeminent over all things (Col. 1:18), this must profoundly affect the way Christians look at world history. This course places the Lord Jesus Christ squarely at the center of human history from creation to the present. We tell the story of the history of the great empires and the primitive tribes, but we do not leave it there.

We follow the tracks of the Carpenter from Nazareth and His disciples into every major nation, empire, and tribe around the world. We focus on original eyewitness accounts from a wide spectrum of Christian denominations wherever true Holy Spirit conversions and transformations occurred. Recommended for high school level, or family, church group, and Sunday Schools.


This 3-volume set serves as a one-year course in World History from Creation to the Present.