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The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment

By Jeremiah Burroughs

232 Pages
10-12 Grade
1/2 Credit

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Jeremiah Burroughs is worthily reckoned as belonging to the front rank of English puritan preachers. As such he played a prominent part in the Westminster Assembly of divines, but died prematurely before the Assembly’s work was concluded.

Burrough’s writings, some published before and others after his death, were numerous, but The Rare-Jewel of Christian Contentment is one of the most valuable of them all. Its author was much concerned to promote (1) peace among believers of various ‘persuasions’ (2) peace and contentment in the hearts of individual believers during what he describes as ‘sad and sinking times’. The Rare Jewel concentrates upon this second aim. It is marked by sanity, clarity, aptness of illustration, and warmth of appeal to the heart. ‘There is an ark that you may come into, and no men in the world may live such comfortable, cheerful and contented lives as the saints of God’. Burroughs presses his lesson home with all the fervour and cogency of a true and faithful minister of God.

"By contentment, we come to give God the worship that is His due. You worship God more by this than when you come to hear a sermon or spend an hour in prayer. These are acts of God’s worship, but they are only external acts of worship. But this is the soul’s worship: to subject itself thus to God. You who often will worship God by hearing and praying, and yet afterwards will be froward and discontented — know that God does not regard such worship; He will [rather] have the soul’s worship, the subjecting of the soul unto God..."

The Puritan Jeremiah Burroughs presents a very readable discourse on a much-needed topic of contentment. As applicable today as it was for his seventeenth century audience. I was able to gain much from this book that fed my soul.
- Mary W.

This book is a "rare jewel" as it is the original 1651 printing. However to truly read it, the paperback edition is far better though it has many spelling errors, only some of which are in the original. Yet, the lessons on describing and gaining true contentment with godliness are priceless as Burroughs was brilliant in using finely tuned reasoning and good illustrations to convey truths that only the spiritual mind can adequately grasp. The huge benefit is indeed a sense of God's peace being applied to one's day to day living. Having the original printing allows one to compare with the expressions and even the spellings in the paperback edition and conveys the feeling of doing the raw research personally!
- Jack R.