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The Young Peacemaker

Teaching Students to Respond to Conflict God's Way

By Corlette Sande

Paperback. 343 Pages

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Wouldn’t it be great to teach children interpersonal skills like we teach them carrying and borrowing in math?

We teach children math skills slowly and over time, one concept building upon another until they are prepared to balance their checkbook when they are adults. The Scripture tells us to teach our children Biblical truth in the same way, line upon line, day after day. The Young Peacemaker approaches the subject of resolving personal conflicts in this way; it teaches children the basics of solving people problems. Our children are the future church, yet we recognize that because of our sinful nature our children will have conflicts with other believers that affect the life of the church. It is important for children to understand how to resolve conflict in Biblical ways. We cannot make our children into peacemakers (that is the work of the Spirit of God), but we can give them the necessary skills to resolve conflicts in their adult lives. Holding out for children the high standard of Scripture concerning relationships will point our children to their need for Christ. Therefore, it is always important to teach what is right.

"Many people think that all conflict is bad. Often they will try to escape or attack at the first sign of a conflict. Actually conflict provides an opportunity for us to do what is right and please God (not ourselves) by responding in the ways that the Bible teaches. You are going to learn in this course how to handle relationship problems more constructively instead of falling off the slippery slope into bad ways of responding to conflict..."

Bought this curriculum to teach our 4th grade students at our Christian school, and it is absolutely wonderful, for where two or more are gathered conflict is sure to come up! The students absolutely love it, and I love how user-friendly it is for me as an instructor/facilitator. Scriptural, practical, fun graphics.
- Moriah P.

This is a great tool in helping you to teach your children to be peacemakers. At the beginning of each chapter it gives you a summary of what the chapter is about. A key statement about peacemaking, a key bible verse, and key principles. Each chapter has a story and resolutions to help you understand the reason for specific conflicts and how you can overcome them.
- S. K.