$ 9.95

Proverbs 1 (Spanish)

God's Book of Wisdom

By Kevin Swanson

Spiral-Bound. 251 Pages

Download a sample of Proverbs Study Guide Book 1 (Spanish).

Of all of the possible curriculum choices used for the education of our children, the most important textbook of all is that which God Himself presented in the book of Proverbs. This book is the core curriculum. It is God’s book on how to live life on planet earth. To disregard this book in the education of our children would be a colossal error.

With this Study Guide on the book of Proverbs, you will learn God’s basic truths as they speak to the classical philosophical divisions of epistemology, metaphysics, and ethics. You will grapple with the tensions of determinism and human responsibility. You will find an entire system of priorities for life’s ethics and purposes. You will find the basic constituents of a biblical social system, as well as principles for sound economics, government, and general business management. The book includes both a proper theology, anthropology, and human psychology. Every education program will give you a system of categories by which you understand life, history, truth, ethics, and reality. Some systems have a semblance of truth, but they are fundamentally compromised because they do not begin with the book of Proverbs or the fear of God (Prov. 1:7).

This Spanish study guide is the fruit of seven years of daily instruction in the book of Proverbs on the part of homeschooling father, pastor, and author, Kevin Swanson.

Each lesson includes:

  • A topical breakdown
  • An exposition in the form of illustration and application
  • And, penetrating, application-oriented questions to stimulate family discussions

I absolutely love this series! If you know you need to read Proverbs with your children but aren't always sure what they mean or how to explain them to your children, then this is the book for you! You can work on scripture memory, while learning a practical meaning for the verses. And what's even better is my kids actually enjoy this book!
- Scott H.

Great devotional that doesn't take long and works well with children of all ages. A great way to show children true wisdom.
- Max E.