$ 11.99

Guns of Thunder

Faith and Freedom, Book 1

By Douglas Bond

Paperback. 260 Pages

"Make one move," he said, cocking the gun, his voice low, "and I'll slay ye with yer own weapon."

The M'Kethe clan finds itself in Pre-Revolutionary War Connecticut weathering a storm of religious and political upheaval.  Ian M'Kethe is forced to make a choice in the face of enormous odds, as tensions mount between the colonists and the French with their Indian allies.  Forging an unlikely friendship with Watookoog, an Indian, Ian risks everything and gains something he thought he had lost forever.

The Faith & Freedom Trilogy, sequel  to the Crown and Covenant Series, chronicles new generations of the M'Kethe family who found freedom in 18th-century America.  Adventure is afoot as Old World tyrannies clash with New World freedoms.  Douglas Bond weaves together fictional characters with historical figures from Scottish and American history.

Here comes Douglas Bond—again—to say that those of us who love the truth, are not consigned to live lives of boredom and dullness. In Guns of Thunder, he’s got action from beginning to end. I wish I’d had this kind of book to read when I was a kid.
- Joel Belz, Founder, World Magazine

A tale of America's revolutionary beginning, told with strength and truth - engaging, accurate concerning American history, and free of political correctness. Here Providence is actively at work in the lives of the honorable commander George Washington and the Gospel-believing patriots. Take up and read!
- Peter Lillback, President, The Providence Forum