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God Made Animals Textbook - Scratch and Dent Version

A Biblical Worldview Biology Course

"This item has either a dent(s) or other defects. The book remains readable and the text has no markings."

Kevin Swanson

5-7 Grade
1 Credit

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For the sixth grade student, Generations introduces a biblical worldview into the field of science in the most winsome way possible. Captured in this introduction to animal biology are the most amazing facts and the most interesting facets of God’s creation. The course is filled with Scripture and with a sense of wonder and praise, which is only fitting for a Christian child’s education. Prayers of praise and hymns play an important part in the course. Critical elements of the biblical worldview in the scientific field are laid out, to counter the false view of science that has become increasingly destructive in the present day.

Included in this course are the world of vertebrates, invertebrates, warm-blooded animals, cold-blooded animals, insects, the bombadier beetle, the butterfly, the spider, the mosquito, the dung beetle, the house fly, the silkworm, grasshoppers, the honeybee, the leech, the octopus, the jellyfish, the penguin, the chicken, the crow, the pigeon, and more!

This course also covers basic genetics, basic taxonomy, the basics of bird flight, animal domestication, and real life science application opportunities for the student. The student is introduced to man’s responsibility to take dominion over insects, birds, fish, and domesticated animals, as one of the most critical elements of science from a biblical perspective.

Features of this textbook:

  • Prayer and Singing Assignments
  • Practical Life Application Assignments
​You can also find the accompanying God Made Animals Workbook.