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A Cup of Cold Water: The Compassion of Nurse Edith Cavell

The Compassion of Nurse Edith Cavell

By Christine Farenhorst

Paperback. 223 Pages

In God’s timing, Edith is made director of a nursing school in Belgium, for training younger nurses — and World War I breaks out. Caught suddenly in the turmoil of this huge international conflict, Edith finds herself surrounded by enemy spies. Still, Edith courageously continues to serve the Allied soldiers who desperately need her help.

With Belgium under German occupation, Edith and her nursing students cared for many soldiers in their hospital, on both sides of the war. After a soldier was released from the hospital, he was supposed to report to the German police. Instead, Edith and her nurses helped smuggle many of the Allied troops out of the country so they could avoid capture by the Germans.

"“A captivating introduction to Edith Cavell. Educational, inspiring, and full of gospel encouragement, A Cup of Cold Water is destined to be a family read-aloud favorite.”
- Tara & Matt Kingswood, Russell, Ontario

“A blend of artistic craft and scholarly research bring Edith Cavell to life. Edith fulfills the hope of her earthly father: ‘that she would grow up to serve God in some special way.’ But more important, her faith points to a heavenly Father who directs and plans lives for His glory. Just as He directed Edith Cavell’s life, He will accomplish the plans concerning me!”
- G. Carol Bomer, Artist, Asheville, NC