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All Creatures Pour Out Speech

By Dr. Neal Bringe

Paperback. 120 Pages

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Read All Creatures Pour Out Speech to teach and renew precious truths about God and ourselves in Scripture. The truths come alive as Dr. Neal Bringe shares insightful connections between the testimonies of creatures and Scripture. He does this with his own remarkable photographs and experiences with domestic and wild animals.

Learn to see the abundant power, goodness and sovereignty of God as you meditate on His birds, beasts, beetles and fish. Imagine rejoicing in the Lord with the next generation as inspired by the examples of singing seagulls and crashing waves of the coastlands. Observe everyday examples of patience, peace and unceasing-praise. Notice that each creature’s testimony was made in God’s wisdom to declare His glory. Create a thirst to walk humbly with God, serving Him faithfully with all your hearts in Jesus. After you reflect on each page, expect to be encouraged to go on your own adventures outside to know God better.