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The Healing Wisdom of Countess Juliana von Stolberg

By Ethel Herr

Paperback. 208 Pages

Juliana von Stolberg (1506-1580), the Queen Mother of the Netherlands, is cherished by the Dutch people as a wise and gifted healer. She gains an able apprentice when her granddaughter Maria comes to live with her. Will Maria learn to put her trust in God while her father, the courageous William of Orange, fights to free Holland from Spanish rule? Author Ethel Herr is a writer, teacher, historian and author of Reformation fiction books known as the Seekers Series. She is an active member of the Institute for Historical Studies and teaches seminars on writing and research.

The Chosen Daughters series highlights the lives of ordinary women who, by God’s grace, accomplished extraordinary things.

"How is it possible that two women from the past can find such a tender place in your heart? You will be glad you met Juliana and Maria through the pages of this beautifully researched and lovingly told tale.”
- Robin Jones Gunn, Best-selling author of the Christy Miller series

"Our daughters today need to know God’s unique purpose for them, and that girls and women can do great things for God!”
- Neta Jackson, Co-author, Trailblazer series, Hero Tales 1-4

"Ethel Herr creates a world I want to visit . . .and to know these people really existed makes their lives all the more fascinating.”
- Lissa Halls Johnson, Creator and writer, Brio Girls Series