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Duncan's War

Crown and Covenant, Book 1

By Douglas Bond

Paperback. 277 Pages

Young Duncan M'Kethe finds himself caught in the web of Sir James Turner, the former Covenanter turned military leader of the persecutors. Duncan is torn by his hatred of his enemies, and his father's instructions to love them. He must be true to King Jesus while attempting to rescue his father.

The Crown & Covenant series follows the lives of the M'Kethe family as they endure persecution in 17th-century Scotland, and later flee to colonial America. Douglas Bond weaves together fictional characters with historical figures from Scottish Covenanting History.

Cresting the ridge with caution, he halted and peered around a tuft of moor grass. Where secure gates should have stood, the entrance to the castle gaped wide and deserted. Just as he hoped: their attack was wholly unexpected. He stole another glance at his clansman waiting at the ready. For an instant Duncan lay pressed flat on the ground. He hesitated, his heart beating wildly against his ribs. Could he do it? The the words of his father came to mind: "If ye've no cause worth dying for, m'lad, ye've no cause to be breathing God's air."

Unleashes the reader's imagination - a rip roaring good yarn.
- George Grant, Director, King's Meadow Study Center

Intrigue. Suspense. High-stakes drama. Duncan's War educates and inspires us to look back at heroes of the faith in awe and forard to the return of the King in joy.
- R. C. Sproul Jr.

Children need Christian heroes and Doug Bond's splendid book meets that need. It draws from a genuinely heroic time in church history and tells a story that is rooted and grounded in the truth.
- Rob Rayburn