$ 11.99

Guns of Providence

Faith and Freedom, Book 3

By Douglas Bond

Paperback. 243 Pages

"She'll blow any minute! All hands, abandon ship!"

The American Revolution ignites a fire that rallies patriots to fight!  Sandy M'Kethe, along with the freeman Salem Poor, find themselves enlisted together in George Washington's army.  An expert marksman with the longbow, Sandy's skill attracts the attention of the intrepid sea captain John Paul Jones.  Sandy and Salem are bound for high-seas adventures.  Together, can they navigate the guns of Providence?

Doug Bond offers a ringside seat on the War for Independence. He is a historian with unusual insight.
- Russ Pulliam

A tale of America's revolutionary beginning, told with strength and truth - engaging, accurate concerning American history, and free of political correctness. Here Providence is actively at work in the lives of the honorable commander George Washington and the Gospel-believing patriots. Take up and read!
- Peter Lillback, President, The Providence Forum