$ 7.95

Guns of the Lion

Faith and Freedom, Book 2

By Douglas Bond

Paperback. 260 Pages

Gavin Crookshank has his first taste of battle at sea, when the HMS Lion engages in mortal struggle with the French allies of Bonnie Prince Charlie. A pawn in the hands of two opposing armies, Gavin attempts to act with integrity in a chaos of loyalties during the bloody Jacobite rebellion. He soon finds himself an unwilling conscript of King George II’s military service. It is the story of a maturing faith emerging out of conflicted loyalties in battles, within and without, wherein Gavin is forced to kill or be killed in bloody conflict during the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745 in Scotland.

Uncertain who is friend and who is foe, Gavin learns courage and duty and how to rely on God alone who makes wars to cease to the ends of the earth.

Douglas Bond is a rising star in the historical fiction genre for both older and younger people.
- Donna Eggett

A tale of America's revolutionary beginning, told with strength and truth - engaging, accurate concerning American history, and free of political correctness. Here Providence is actively at work in the lives of the honorable commander George Washington and the Gospel-believing patriots. Take up and read!
- Peter Lillback, President, The Providence Forum