$ 14.00

Hunting In The Highlands

Baker Family Adventures, Book 7

By C. R. Hedgcock

Paperback. 380 Pages

After the perils of Iceland, the Bakers plan to enjoy a relaxing vacation with their relatives, the Drakes, in Scotland. Andy goes deer stalking with Uncle Clive, Abby goes horse-back riding and sightseeing with Phil and their cousin Millie. Tom travels with his parents to the Isle of Bute.

Three incidents throw the trip into a spiral of confusion, and, scattered across Scotland, the Bakers have clues that don’t seem to belong to the same puzzle. A government weapon has fallen into the hands of a top-secret academy, and the only way to stop the spread of dangerous lies is to find the weapon and discover the significance of the name ‘Haelix.’

Included in the Baker Family Adventures Series.

"Andy braced his hands against the wooden fence, his legs flew, and his boots slapped the muddy ground on the other side. Its sogginess sucked away his momentum as he started running again. 'Halt there!' a voice commanded. Andy jolted to a standstill, panting, his heart pounding hard. The poacher had stopped on the opposite side of the burn, uphill amongst the tree trunks. His bow was drawn and an arrow glinted angrily on the string."

My family loves the Baker Family adventure series! These wonderful, well written books will certainly captivate your entire family. The Bakers provide wonderful, godly characters that your family will enjoy visiting again and again.
- The Bentons

All of these wonderful books are so well written, with adventure and spiritual applications throughout, as well as the occasional educational tidbits. It can be very challenging to find such high quality, conservative Christian worldview books to read. We tell others about these whenever we get the chance.
- Mrs. Cochran