$ 14.00

Iceland Intrigue

Baker Family Adventures, Book 6

By C. R. Hedgcock

Paperback. 454 Pages

Phil, grieving the loss of a friend, is more determined than ever to keep his family out of an adventure. But when they discover an organization with a machine that can trigger natural disasters, they know they’ve landed right in the middle of one, in Iceland Intrigue. The organization leader says he wants to help the world, but with an old enemy at his right hand, his claim is hard to believe.

If the Bakers foil the plan of one villain, could they end up furthering the plans of a worse one? How does Sigurd know so much about both of them?

With the organization on the brink of unleashing destruction in a land of fiery volcanoes, and the future of the world at stake, the Bakers have to beat the countdown of “Earthquake the 2nd.” All while trying to find out how much of the situation they understand … and how much is still intrigue.

Included in the Baker Family Adventures Series.

"The glider’s nose caught the air and Phil felt the harness tighten around him. In a moment, the cliff was gone and all their weight hung on the thin, triangular wings. The glider dipped in an accelerating drive, and the brothers took hold of the control bar with their yells whistling past their ears..."

My family loves the Baker Family adventure series! These wonderful, well written books will certainly captivate your entire family. The Bakers provide wonderful, godly characters that your family will enjoy visiting again and again.
- The Bentons

All of these wonderful books are so well written, with adventure and spiritual applications throughout, as well as the occasional educational tidbits. It can be very challenging to find such high quality, conservative Christian worldview books to read. We tell others about these whenever we get the chance.
- Mrs. Cochran