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Jax's Tail Twitches

When Your Are Angry

By David Powlison

Hardback. 32 Pages

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Everyone gets frustrated when something important to them goes wrong. In Jaxs Tail Twitches, the whole Squirrel family ends up out of sorts when acorn gathering doesn’t go according to plan. Although Papa, Mama, Jax, and Caspian Squirrel all get angry, they also learn about the power of saying sorry, seeking forgiveness, remembering God’s words, and praying together.

Edited by David Powlison, Jaxs Tail Twitches ends with a special section that guides parents in teaching children how the gospel of Jesus Christ changes how we respond when life goes wrong. Also included is a tear-out page of Back Pocket Bible Verses that will help children and adults remember to turn to God for help when they are angry.

"Caspian and Jax Squirrel were sleeping soundly until an alarm clock broke the silence. They tumbled out of bed and raced to be the first to slide down to the kitchen. 'Get out of my way!' yelled Jax with his tail twitching. Caspian just laughed as he tripped Jax and slid down the branch to the warm kitchen. Jax yelled again, 'It’s not funny!' And 'I’m telling Mama!'..."

Jax’s Tail Twitches is a tremendous resource for children and parents who struggle with anger. The endearing illustrations draw children in to a storyline that uncovers both the sin of anger, and our need for forgiveness and reconciliation. The story walks us through what a right response to our anger looks like and provides a great starting point for discussions with your children. Definitely a must-read in our family!
- Deepak and Sarah Reju, Capitol Hill Baptist Church (Washington, DC), Authors of Great Kings of the Bible and God Is Better Than Trucks

So many Christian parents are looking for engaging, age-appropriate ways to help their young children learn what the Bible teaches about everyday struggles and challenging situations. This new book series edited by David Powlison and Ed Welch fits the bill! In the Good News for Little Hearts series, kids will be enthralled by relatable characters, charming illustrations, and gospel-centered lessons. These volumes would make a valuable addition to any family’s library.
- Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family