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Thy Kingdom Come

By J.C. Ryle, Edited By Kevin Swanson

Spiral-Bound. 297 Pages

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J. C. Ryle provides the very best commentary and devotional exposition of the book of Matthew that can be found. We could do no better than to use his expositions of the Gospel of Matthew for our Family Bible Study Guide Series. Writing in the 19th century as an evangelical Anglican pastor, Ryle intended these “Expository Thoughts” for family worship. His writing is strikingly simple, profound, practical, and passionate at the same time.

“Search as you may, you will not find youth ministries and Sunday schools in Scripture. The combined effect of the disintegration of the family initiated by the Industrial Revolution, compulsory attendance laws of the last century, and age-segregated classrooms produced the massive youth ministries of the last fifty years or so. Statisticians now tell us only one in twenty American born-again parents actually teach their children from the Word of God on a daily basis..."

Excellent work brought back from the past with Kevin Swanson's helpful family discussion questions. Recommended for everyone! Hopefully Generations with Vision will also bring back Ryles Exposition of the Gospel of John in the same format!
- Christopher C.

J.C. Ryle first published this study of Matthew in 1856. He opens the scriptures to Jesus words and makes a person think about the choices made and to be made for their life today and their soul for eternity. An absolute must read and contemplate whether or not one will follow the commands of Jesus.
- Anon.

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