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Psalms Study Guide Book 1 (Ps. 1-41)

The Heart of the Word

By Kevin Swanson

Spiral-Bound. 240 Pages

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In these family Bible study guides, Kevin Swanson introduces the book of Psalms as the very heart of the Word. The book of Psalms teaches us the proper worship of God in content, emotion, and method. Of all the things which make up your life, what could be more important than the worship of God? Certainly, there could hardly be anything more critical to teach your children!

This study guide covers Psalms 1-41.

It's full of good information and very inspiring; easy to read and understand. I have briefly read through 10 of the psalms and study questions and believe they will lead to lots of family discussion time, which is very good!
- Mark L.

When I first read the Psalms 1 Study Guide by Kevin Swanson, I was struck by the richness and depth that Mr. Swanson dove into each psalm. Whatever issues he addressed-- whether it was the breakdown of family, church, and relationships, or the onslaught of a socialistic and humanistic worldview within our government and economics-- I was amazed to see the humility and wisdom that Mr. Swanson brought forth from his wealth of biblical study. The Psalms are about the emotional and sanctifying ups and downs of the Christian life; the cries of faith, the beauty of penitence, the joy of deliverance. Thank God for men like Mr. Swanson who mine the amazing treasure of Scripture and seek to balance truth and relationships, faith and works, mercy and justice. These books are indispensable. These books are timely. Why not gather your family together and sit down with a book that will truly change you?
- Anon.

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