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The Life of Henry Martyn

By John Hall

Hardcover. 136 Pages

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Originally published in 1832 by the American Sunday School Union, this is a short biography of one of the most important missionaries of the 19th century. It was written to encourage young people to dedicate their lives to the sacred work of serving the Lord Jesus Christ. As the later missionary C.T. Studd once said, “If Jesus Christ be God and died for me, then no sacrifice can be too great for me to make for Him.”

Henry Martyn willingly gave up his life for the cause of Christ’s gospel in faraway lands. He spent years in India sharing the gospel with the people of that land, caring for the poor, and translating the Scriptures into the common tongue. As he journeyed back to England, he spent time in Persia, translating the New Testament into Persian for the first time, laying the foundation for modern missions in that land. In the providence of God, Martyn departed this life for glory after serving the Lord until age 31.

The book includes many extracts from Martyn’s own journals and letters, giving a personal glimpse into his godly heart and life.

“O may God confirm my feeble resolutions! What have I to do but to labor, and pray, and fast, and watch, for the salvation of my own soul, and those of the heathen world. Ten thousand times more than ever do I feel devoted to that precious work. O gladly shall this base blood be shed, every drop of it, if India can be benefited in one of her children; if but one of those children of God Almighty might be brought home.” —Henry Martyn