$ 14.00

The Treacherous Trail

Baker Family Adventures, Book 4

By C. R. Hedgcock

Paperback. 292 Pages

The Bakers and the Wilburs have become such good friends that they decide to vacation together at a lovely wilderness lodge. While the ladies and girls enjoy the lodge’s luxurious facilities, the men and boys go camping in the surrounding wild. They expect their greatest thrills to come from horse-riding, canoeing, and hiking, but the trip changes when they find an injured hiker. Then the hiker disappears with most of their supplies, and they’re stranded with little food, no communication, and a long trip back to civilization. What’s more — there are some very strange things going on in this forest, and the mysterious hiker seems to be at the center of them.

Mr. Baker must get his team back to safety with no supplies or means of contact, saddled with a thief who will not speak. Phil is forced to act like a criminal when thrown into a company of bad men, and the twins must survive in the wilderness with a man they do not trust.

Who is really Jigson? What mysterious activity is going on in the forest? And will they all come out alive?

Included in the Baker Family Adventures Series.

"The dark beast with yellow eyes came careening towards her at full speed, its muzzle a mess of dirt and foamy saliva. Abby’s shoulders tensed up with a jerk, and she was stiff as a board. A last-minute reflex made her pull the trigger, and the flare shot out with a bang and a puff of gunpowder. The beast swerved, paused, and then wrinkled its muzzle afresh in a ferocious display of bared gums and piercing canines. Too tired to run, too tense to think, too frightened to scream, Abby did nothing as the wolf lunged towards her. Its face was all she could see, its ominous growl the only sound in her ears..."

My family loves the Baker Family adventure series! These wonderful, well written books will certainly captivate your entire family. The Bakers provide wonderful, godly characters that your family will enjoy visiting again and again.
- The Bentons

All of these wonderful books are so well written, with adventure and spiritual applications throughout, as well as the occasional educational tidbits. It can be very challenging to find such high quality, conservative Christian worldview books to read. We tell others about these whenever we get the chance.
- Mrs. Cochran