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What Does the Bible Say About That?

A Biblical Worldview Curriculum for Children

By Kevin Swanson

Paperback. 168 Pages

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In this exciting new worldview curriculum for children, Kevin Swanson presents the very basics of a Biblical worldview for children. At some point, every child needs to see the “forest from the trees.” This introduction to a biblical worldview will help kids make sense of the world around them, and it shows them the big picture of God’s truth in the Bible.

Presented in a simple, engaging way, this study guide provides a basic introduction to truth, ethics, origins, causality, anthropology, sociology, family, church, civil government, education, economics, defense, crime, and charity. Workbook assignments, games, puzzles, and more are included at the end of each chapter. Recommended for Ages 9+. Scripture Version: NKJV.

"Many worldly philosophers and scientists sit and wonder about basic questions. They ask, “Where did I come from? Am I real?” They cannot answer the most basic questions of life. They don’t know where they came from, and they don’t know who they are! Isn’t that sad? They wonder about these things because they do not want to believe in God or in God’s revelation (the Bible). Thankfully, the Bible does not leave us wondering about how all of this came about. The very first verse of the Bible gives us the most basic clue concerning where we came from..."

This is a great book to teach a Biblical World view to ourselves as well as our children! Clearly written with many Biblical references! Also teaches much about American history!
- Lale

I am using this as part of our history curriculum for my 12 and 10 year old. It's understandable for them both yet full of what they need to arm themselves in a world questioning the very existence of God. They both look forward to history everyday (combining this with "The Mystery of History"). You will not be disappointed in anything this author has written. He has wisdom that can only come from The Holy One and The Word of God.
- N. Chance

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