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Zoe's Hiding Place

When You Are Anxious

By David Powlison

Hardback. 32 Pages

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This beautifully illustrated book invites children to remember the Lord is near when they are anxious. Zoe, a fearful mouse, is worried about a class trip. As she talks with her parents, Zoe realizes she can turn to God for help. Papa Mouse gives her a verse from the "Great Book" that she can read when she is afraid.

She learns that she can tell God all about her fears, and he will comfort her. Also included is a tear-out page of "Back Pocket Bible Verses" that will give children a practical way to remember God's words when they are afraid.

"With the long walk to school before her, Zoe was free to dive into her book. She read a little, then walked a little, read and walked, imagining each and every detail. She barely noticed her friend, Layla, joining her along the way. Layla interrupted Zoe’s thoughts with her usual string of how do you do’s. 'Good morning, Zoe! What are you reading? Would you like to sit together in class?' Zoe happily replied, 'It’s my new favorite fairy tale! I’m trying to finish it by the end of the day. And, yes, I’d love to sit together in class!'..."

Zoe’s Hiding Place tells us that sometimes what we fear most really does happen, and it teaches us how to fight our worries with God’s promises. That message, coupled with its charming illustrations, make this book a powerful tool for parents to help their anxious children. We love this book, and plan to read it regularly with our own kids!
- Deepak and Sarah Reju, Capitol Hill Baptist Church (Washington, DC), Authors of Great Kings of the Bible and God Is Better Than Trucks

So many Christian parents are looking for engaging, age-appropriate ways to help their young children learn what the Bible teaches about everyday struggles and challenging situations. This new book series edited by David Powlison and Ed Welch fits the bill! In the Good News for Little Hearts series, kids will be enthralled by relatable characters, charming illustrations, and gospel-centered lessons. These volumes would make a valuable addition to any family’s library.
- Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family