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Timeless Christian Classics Series

By Various Authors

7 Hardcovers.

The 20th-century marked a time when most institutions in the Western world were de-Christianized. A recognition of God, the fear of God, the Scriptures, the centrality of Christ, and almost all remnants of the Christian faith were carefully expunged from schools, children’s media, and children’s literature like The Swiss Family Robinson and Heidi. Others, that were too overtly Christian were simply shelved and by and large forgotten (examples: The Pilgrim’s Progress and The Holy War by John Bunyan).

But there are still Christian families and churches living in the English-speaking world and they still want to read good Christian books. For the Generations team, we see this as the time to re-Christianize our literature, our school curriculum, and our media for our children.

To that end, we have re-published original children’s classics with the original Christian content – the content that was stripped from 20th-century publication, as well as some of the “forgotten” Christian classics from the past. We’re calling it The Timeless Christian Classics Series.

Here’s what we have re-published so far, with accompanying study guides for 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade levels.